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Event Management System - EMS

To Get Started

Log in with your PUNet ID to access detailed event information, book space and services, or alter existing bookings.


How to Choose the Right Form (on the "Reservations" menu)

 What kind of event do you need? Use these forms:

I only need a space to meet in.

  • My event is closed to the public.
  • I do not need any services, such as setup, technology, catering/food, etc. 

For spaces in Hillsboro, use:

Request a Room Only - HIL 

For all other locations, use:

Request a Room Only

This will be a student event (i.e. led primarily by students, such as a student organization or with student fee funding). Student Activities manages students' access to EMS for locations other than Hillsboro.

For spaces in Hillsboro, use:

Request a Student Meeting or Event - HIL 

For all other locations, use:

Request a Student Meeting or Event 

I need space for a meeting or event, as well as one or more of these "extras":

  • Catering/food
  • Technology (in addition to what's already in the room)
  • Furnishings beyond what is already in the room
  • Special set-up
  • Non-Pacific attendees

For spaces in Hillsboro, use:

Request a Meeting or Event - HIL 

For all other locations, use:

Request a Meeting or Event 

I just want to order catering to pick up in Forest Grove.Request Catering for Pick-Up (FG Only)
I just want to order technology equipment to pick up from the TIC in Forest Grove.Request Technology for Pick-Up (FG Only)

To Cancel or Change Existing Bookings

Use View My Requests to change reservations you've already made. 

You can make many kinds of changes to existing bookings, including

  • Cancellations
  • Time changes
  • Room (space) changes
  • Adding, changing, or cancelling services like catering or additional technology 

Note that if you originally used one of the "Request a Room Only" forms, you will not be able to add new services via this system. You can contact the appropriate department from the list below for additional booking support.

A Special Note for Faculty

Class schedules for future terms are proposed by authorized faculty and administrators using this link to the Campus Planning Interface.

For Additional Booking Support

Conference and Event Support Services503-352-2111conferences@pacificu.edu
Scheduling (HPC)503-352-7200hillsboro-schedule@pacificu.edu
Athletics Scheduling503-352-2848brandi.sahlfeld@pacificu.edu 
Boxer Dining Catering503-352-2241catering@pacificu.edu
Technology Information Center (FG)503-352-1500help@pacificu.edu
Health Professions Information Services503-352-7243help@pacificu.edu
Student Activities (FG)

503-352-3127 or

Registrar's Office503-352-2793registrar@pacificu.edu